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We Happy Few hits Steam, Xbox Early Access in July

Unusual survival experience resurfaces with imminent release date.

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We Happy Few hits Steam, Xbox Early Access in July

Remember We Happy Few? From Compulsion Games, it's a first-person stealth survival adventure set in a town where everybody takes a drug called Joy. Off your meds, you must pass for a drug-addled resident as you seek an escape, scavenging whatever tools you can to help you survive the streets when your performance breaks down.

It's been a while since we last heard from this one but the team has been in communication with its Kickstarter backers and now seems to have signed on with Microsoft in some form or another, securing a showcase during the Xbox E3 2016 briefing.

The video above, aired during the show, is the game's opening sequence, "in which Arthur Hastings suddenly decides to go off the state-encouraged happy pills".

"Unfortunately for Arthur, Downers are very, err, frowned upon in Wellington Wells," Compulsion said.

There you go. We Happy Few is coming both to Steam Early Access and the new Microsoft equivalent, Xbox Game Preview, on July 26.

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