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Looks like Watch Dogs will be the last mature title from Ubisoft on Wii U

Ubisoft has decided it will no longer release mature titles on Wii U once Watch Dogs is release, because owners of the console just don't buy such titles.

Speaking with Game Informer at gamescom last week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said Nintendo customers "don't buy Assassin's Creed" at least, not in very large numbers.

“It’s very simple: what we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers," he said.

Wii U titles only made up 3% of sales during the firm's fiscal year 2014.

Instead of releasing its more mature titles, such as the aforementioned, Ubisoft will instead release titles such as Just Dance, which Wii U owners seem to be more "interested in.”

That being said, Guillemot said Watch Dogs was still coming to Wii U and will be "the only mature game we publish on it.”

Watch Dogs Wii U is down for a fall 2014 release.

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