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Warframe Devstream 161 recap: Angels of the Zariman release date, features and more

Devstream 161 has just concluded. Here's everything we learned from the latest Warframe livestream

The Warframe Devstream 161 has just concluded, bringing with it new information on the upcoming Angels of the Zariman update. This time around, we’ve gotten a solid April 27 release date for the patch, as well as a detailed look at the new Gyre Warframe as well as a variety of new features coming soon.

Angels of the Zariman, which takes us to the Zariman Ten Zero ship directly following the events of The New War, brings with it a whole new hub for us to explore, as well as a story-critical quest that’ll establish what the player can expect in the future.

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New Quest

First up, there’s the quest. As mentioned above, it alongside the rest of the update will be dropping April 27, with the quest itself only available to players who’ve beaten The New War which acts as a bottleneck for all future content updates.

Gyre Warframe

A shot of the new Warframe - Gyre - holding their new rifle towards the camera.

Gyre, the new Warframe coming with Angels of the Zariman, comes with Alternox Weapon and Triodic Syandana. The abilities at their disposal are as follows:

  • Arcsphere: A destructive and crippling Ability. Launch a Gyratory Sphere that will deal high damage on impact and periodically deal electrical shocks to nearby enemies. Hitting at least 3 enemies with the initial launch enhances damage.
  • Coil Horizon: Throw forward a Gyratory Sphere that will implode after 2 seconds, or can be manually triggered.
  • Cathode Grace: Gain a brief burst of increased Critical Chance and Energy Regen, with each kill extending duration of Cathode Step. Casting is on a cooldown.
  • Rotorswell: Gyre’s mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an Electric Field that shocks nearby enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large electrical discharge will chain from the enemy that was hit to nearby enemies.
  • Gyre Passive Abilities: Gyre’s Abilities have a 10% chance to deal double damage when enemies are affected by Electricity Status. Every additional Electricity Status proc adds an additional 10% chance.

The Chrysalith

The Chrysalith is the new social hub coming to Warframe in the Angels of the Zariman, allowing players to meet up and interact with each other as well as customise their own new apartment! Not only that, but you can shoot off into new mission types without any load screens either alone or in a party.

These mission types include Void Flood, a previously announced mission that has you seal up fissures, as well as the newly revealed Void Cascade which has players keep life support systems running by cleansing corrupted Exolizers. Finally, another mission type - Void Armageddon - is coming albeit with no additional info for now.

Dormizones / player apartments

A shot of a new apartment in Warframe, with a wide open window casting light on the furniture inside.

Struggling to own a house in real life? Well, you can soon own one in Warframe, which is a good alternative right? Here you can customise your own living space with a variety of plants, furniture and more with unlockable rooms. For those who’ve cluttered up your Orbiter, this is yet another place to throw all your junk around. Yay!

Voidshell skins and evolving weapons

A shot of an evolving melee weapon, which has its appearance change upon the completion of challenges.

Voidshell skins and evolving weapons are new additions to Warframe coming with Angels of the Zariman update. The skins allow you to customise your Warframe using unique textures, allowing for whole new levels of fashionframe competitiveness with those who are aesthetically minded. These textures can be both earned in game, or purchases in the store.

Evolving weapons, which change depending on what challenges you complete, are also coming via a new NPC in the Angels of the Zariman update. You’ll be able to hop in a buy a variety of new armaments, including a dagger, pistol, rifle and more.

Angels of the Zariman Reworks

Both Focus Schools and Eximus enemies are getting overhauls. The former is being altered so that each school provides a more distinct identity from eachother, as well as providing more options for players who want powerful abilities as opposed to passive energy drains. Players will be receiving refunds of points invested into their particular schools.

Eximus enemies, which have been a long lasting danger in Warframe for years now, are getting reworked as to be more of a threat, provide more of a reward, and stand out a bit more visually.

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