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Untitled Goose Game may eventually head to more platforms to reach a wider audience

House House would like to bring Untitled Goose Game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Presently only available on Switch and PC through the Epic Games Store, Untitled Goose Game may eventually head to additional platforms.

In an interview with ABC News, (via GamesRadar) the developer said it hopes to reach a wider audience by bringing the game to PS4 and Xbox One. While the team would like for this to happen, nothing has been confirmed.

Mobile is also possibly in the cards, but it would take quite a bit of "design work" to make a version of the game for touch controls.

Untitled Goose Game was released September 20, reviews have been positive, and it has seen over 100,000 downloads.

If you're just getting started with the game, which nails the cold war of English neighbour relations, you may need help with the to-do lists. Here's High Street, the Back Gardens, and the main garden to get you started.

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