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Uncredited L.A. Noire staff describe Team Bondi crunch conditions

Further to claims of over 100 missing staff credits for L.A. Noire, an alleged inside source has described crunched conditions at Team Bondi which led to the departure of frustrated staff.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, an ex-Team Bondi staffer said he had to leave the studio before L.A. Noire shipped because he felt his "sanity depended on it".

Development staff were allegedly made to work up to 12 hours each day, and through weekends, with little encouragement or support from management.

Although long hours and weekend work are common during crunch time, the source said he'd suffered these conditions for over a year before quitting - before L.A. Noire shipped, meaning the crunch likely extended well beyond 12 months.

Another source, apparently one of the creators of, said that staff were warned they wouldn't be credited if they left Team Bondi before the game shipped, which goes against the IGDA's guidelines for ethical credits.

Thanks, Shack.

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