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L.A. Noire development staff offer corrected credits

A group of ex-Team Bondi staffers have produced an updated list of credits for L.A. Noire, concerned that those shipped with the game overlook some contributors.

The new credits list, which is available on, contains over 100 names either not listed in either the manual or the credits roll in-game, or incorrectly listed under "special thanks" alongside friends and family rather than under the heading of their discipline.

Some of the omitted names are developers who worked at Team Bondi for extended periods of time, but were left out because they left before the game's final month of development. Some of these staff were from the art department and quality assurance, both departments which suffered redundancies and downsizing as production wound to a close.

The new credits list abides by the current version of the International Game Developers Association's framework for games crediting, which aims for ethical representation of those who contribute to games of all sizes.

You can read more about the alternate credits list and its importance to Australian developers here.

Thanks, Ausgamers.

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