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Uncharted 2's UK release still not nailed down [Update] [Update 2]


According to reports across the web, Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2 will land in the UK on October 23.

Unfortunately, VG247 has just learned from Sony Computer Entertainment UK that a release date is still up in the air.

"We haven't announced a release date for Uncharted 2 in the UK," a company spokesperson told us. "As soon as I can confirm a date I'll let you know."

A US release date of October 13 was confirmed yesterday.

It can't be too much further behind, so stay calm.

UPDATE: According to a tweet from Naughty Dog VP Christophe Balestra, the game WILL be released in Europe on October 23. We have put in another call to Sony to clear up the confusion, but apparently the team that handles Uncharted 2 is at Comic-Con.  Thanks, Johnny.

Update 2
: Naughty Dog VP Christophe Balestra has retracted yesterday's tweet, stating that the Euro release for Uncharted 2 is not October 23 after all and a date will be announced soon.

We are off to the local as we speak to drown our sorrows in liquor over this whole mess. Start collecting bail money now, please.

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