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Ubisoft Singapore responds to findings of TAFEP workplace misconduct investigation

Reports handled appropriately and salaries were performance-based

Following an investigation into alleged workplace malpractice at Ubisoft Singapore, the country's Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) will not be taking action against the developer, and has closed the case.

Last year, we learned that the studio behind the oft-delayed Skull & Bones,Ubisoft Singapore, was under investigation for workplace discrimination, after the TAFEP recieved anonymous complaints from staff about sexual harassment and workplace misconduct.

Now, the investigation is concluded, and the TAFEP has found Ubisoft to have a structured system in place to handle any workplace misconduct reports, and noted that past reports were also handled appropriately.

Ubisoft added that its Singapore studio has also appointed a third-party consultancy firm to review the company’s salary structure. The TAFEP said that Ubisoft "does not disadvantage Singaporeans based on nationality or race" and that a "structured process" is in place for worker compensation.

Per the TAFEP: "The findings show that employees’ salaries were performance-based, and there were reasonable justifications where there was disparity, such as differences in experience or seniority."

Darryl Long, managing director at Ubisoft Singapore said: “We’ve put best practices in place at Ubisoft Singapore to ensure a safe, respectful, inclusive and equitable workplace for every member of our team. We will continue striving to be an exemplary employer in Singapore and the region, one that attracts and retains the best talents and creates amazing games that enrich the lives of our players.”

After widespread accusations were levelled at Ubisoft last year, a representative told VG247 that the company has "implemented major changes across its organization, internal processes and procedures" in order to create a "safe, inclusive and respectful working environment for all team members."

The official government body of Singapore appears to agree that acceptable changes have been put in place, too.

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