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Trials Fusion takes you under the sea with Welcome to the Abyss next month

Welcome to the Abyss is the third of six planned DLC packs for Trials Fusion and it will come with 10 new tracks, 24 challenges, five achievements, and new objects for the track editor.

Slated for release from October 7, Welcome to the Abyss takes players under the sea where they will explore ruins where relics pulse energy and cause ancient machinery to continually operate.

The Season Pass will run you £15.99 and includes Welcome to the Abyss, all future DLC and previous DLC Empire of the Sky and Riders of the Rustlands.

The final three pieces of DLC will be released by May 2015.

Welcome to the Abyss will arrive October 7 on PC, PS4 in the US, Xbox 360, Xbox One. It will arrive in Europe on October 8 for PS4. If you don't own the pass, it will run you £3.99.

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