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Total War: Warhammer reviews round-up, all the scores

Creative Assembly's first fantasy Total War is nearly here, let's see what the critics have to say about it.

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Total War: Warhammer reviews round-up, all the scores

The latest game in the Total War series and the first one to feature a fantasy setting, Total War: Warhammer, is out next week.

Bearing the Total War name, you can expect Warhammer to have Creative Assembly's signature mix of grand strategy and real-time combat.

Warhammer features five factions. They're the Chaos, Dwarfs, Empire, Greenskins, and the Vampire Counts. Bretonnia was announced as a late addition, but it's only playable in skirmishes.

Each faction varies differently from the rest, creating an asymmetry on both the campaign map, and in the field. This is also reflected in their starting locations and combat styles.

If you're new to the Total War series or Warhammer, or both, this overview trailer will give you an idea of what to expect.

Find the reviews below. Scores are out of ten unless noted.

Total War: Warhammer is out May 24 on PC.

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