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Bretonnia announced for Total War: Warhammer custom battles

The feudal units of Bretonnia will be playable in custom and multiplayer battles in Total War: Warhammer.

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Creative Assembly announced today the content would be available from day one.

Bretonnia will not be made available as a playable race in the Grand Campaign, but at least players can make use of flying Pegasus Knights and barded warhorses in multiplayer.

And use peasants as cannon-fodder, which is always fun.

The race also includes the Trebuchet artillery unit, archers, and the Enchantresses which make use of offensive spells and provides powerful buffs.

You can see the troops in action above as they battle the Vampire Counts which have besieged the Bretonnian city.

Total War: Warhammer is available for pre-order through Steam and will be released on May 24.

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