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TimeGate résumés give insight into just how much they did on Aliens: Colonial Marines

Jim Sterling, with help from some civilians, has pulled up the résumés of some folks at TimeGate studio that describe the kind of work they did on Colonial Marines.

Before last week, we knew TimeGate Studios had done work on the new Aliens game with Gearbox (who, I should point out, has always been listed as the primary developer of the game), but little light had been shed on what their contributions were. Then the game came out and was almost universally panned, and rumors started popping up that TimeGate had actually been responsible for the bulk of the campaign's production.

Sterling has unearthed four résumés, and you can read his full report on them here. I will highlight two of them.

First, we have Steve Baroski. Here's the part of his résumé I find most intriguing: "I oversaw 5-8 Level Designers working on both Multiplayer and Singleplayer maps until early 2012. At that point, I transitioned to a consultation role, assisting Gearbox and other developers with various level design related issues as they took over principal development." The implication there is that TimeGate was principal developer on Colonial Marines until last year.

Second up is designer Nathan Wood, who says he did all the "level layout, combat scripting, lighting, and event hookups" in the entire first level in the game.

If any of this can be damning, those are it. In the meantime, though, we'll keep wondering what in the world really went on with what should have been one of the biggest titles of the year.

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