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The Witness contains 600 puzzles, one of which only "1% of players" will probably solve

Jonathan Blow's The Witness is overflowing with puzzles - some of them harder than others.

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In a post over at the PlayStation Blog, wherein creator Jonathan Blow (best known for Braid) is interviewed by Justin Massongill (who spent 50 hours completing an alpha build), the question of difficulty came up. You won't need to complete every puzzle to finish the game, so some of the optional puzzles will be quite difficult.

There's one puzzle in particular that Blow is confident few players will solve. "There’s at least one puzzle in the game right now that almost nobody — like 1% of players — will ever be able to figure out.”

The Witness will release for PS4 in late January. Jonathan Blow has estimated that it will take players, on average, 70 hours to beat every puzzle, although in this PlayStation Blog post that estimate has risen to 100 hours.

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