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The Witcher 3: Fake Papers guide

Gain safe passage across the border by completing The Witcher 3's Fake Papers quest.

Fake Papers is a good, secondary quest to complete if you're looking for a pass to cross the border to Novigrad in The Witcher 3. There's a war raging on between the Northern Realms and Nilfgaard, which means borders have been closed, but by completing this quest, Geralt will be able to waltz on through the border without worry.

Without further ado, here's how to complete Fake Papers in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Fake Papers

You're going to need some fake documents to cross border posts into Novigrad in The Witcher 3, the second half of the map, and you'll need to speak with a Shady Merchant to do so.

This Shady Merchant found on the road north of the Hangmans Tree signpost (and just below the entrance to Novigrad) will sell you one for 100 crowns. If you'd rather not pay up and save your hard-earned crowns, he'll instead give you one anyway if you do him a favour and protect his brother-in-law as he cleans up the nearby battlefield.

Wander over to the brother-in-law and clear up a few Ghouls for him, then talk to him to find out he needs help killing "corpse eaters". This triggers the Bitter Harvest quest, which is suggested for Level 9 players or higher.

You basically need to kill a whole bunch of Ghouls and keep the workers alive. It's not easy. If you fail you'll stil get some crowns and EXP, but obviously, you'll gain a lot more if you kill them all and keep the men alive.

When that's complete, head back to the Shady Merchant to retrieve your fake documents. If his brother-in-law was killed, you'll fail the quest, so be sure to create a back-up save. If all goes well, you get the Fake Papers required to freely pass the border.

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