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Build a city perched on a moving colossus when The Wandering Village hits Early Access next week

Strange place to build a village, but who are we to judge?

The Wandering Village, a city-building sim where you manage a village perched on a giant beast's back, will go into early access next week.

Developed by Sweden-based Stray Fawn Studio, the game takes place in a world where mysterious, toxic plants are spreading. You will need to lead a small group of survivors as they seek shelter on the back of a giant beast they call Onbu.

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You will need to help the villagers build a functioning settlement and form a relationship with Onbu to survive the hostile world. As you expand the village over Onbu’s back, you will need to utilize the limited space as efficiently as possible.

Living on the back of Onbu comes with its own set of challenges. You must decide whether to live in symbiosis, bond with the creature or become a parasite. If you choose the former (why wouldn't you?), you will need to take care of the creature to ensure it remains healthy - and you can even give it loving pats on the head.

Another aspect of the game is the need to adapt your village as Onbu travels through different biomes. Each has a unique climate zone, opportunities, and threats. In these biomes, you will send out scouts on foraging missions to gather rare resources and ancient artifacts.

While out scouting, you will find remnants of the old world which hold knowledge long forgotten. Find and research these technologies, but use them wisely, as progress can be a double-edged sword.

You will also face various obstacles in your quest to maintain Onbu and the village's survival. These include poisonous spores, unpleasant weather, bloodsucking parasites, and other challenges where the odds are often against you.

The Wandering Village will launch through Steam Early Access on September 14.

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