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The trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead messed me up

The Walking Dead game from Payday developer Overkill Software is not going to f**k around, you guys.

The Walking Dead was announced earlier today as a co-op shooter from the makers of Payday, to be published by Starbreeze.

It sounds pretty good, with role-playing and survival elements, and lots of crossover with the rest of the franchise; The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is a big fan of Payday and will be working closely with the development team.

But guys. Guys. This trailer. Oh my god.

I need to go have a lie down. It's really well cut, with the music and the little Kirkman chat at the end. If it weren't for that I think I'd probably be calling in sick right now, and spending the rest of the day lying in bed manifesting grim existential despair.

Christ on a cracker. This s**t needs a trigger warning for feelings. Good to know this one will continue TellTale's tradition of putting your heart in a blender.

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