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The original Witcher prototype was a top-down RPG, with no playable Geralt

Before the first Witcher game became what it is, it was being considered as a Diablo-like action RPG.


The very first Witcher game. The one that came out only on PC in 2007 and became a cult classic, did not always start as a third-person RPG.

The first prototype for the game, all the way back in 2002, envisioned it as an isometric action RPG. Former project lead Ryszard Chojnowski decided to do a post-mortem on the game and reveal many untold stories.

The first part was released recently and Chojnowski promised that more will follow.

In the first video, we take a look at the prototype in question, which CD Projekt took and tried to pitch to publishers, before eventually deciding to change the game's scope and genre entirely. Geralt wasn't event considered as a main character back then.

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