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The Last Guardian walkthrough part 3: the blue cage, the bridge and the suits of armour

Now we're beginning to see more enemies and tougher puzzles, but also what else Trico can do.

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Once you arrive at the entrance to a building built into the rock, it's here you'll see a strange-looking multi-coloured stone on the floor that Trico growls at and is suspicious of.

Grab it and push it over the edge to break. Trico doesn't like those and won't go past them.

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You can now see you're about to enter a new building. Note the steps up to your right and the crack in the wall in front of you.

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Through that crack you'll find a barrel, which you should pick up and take with you up the stairs. Trico will follow. Feed it the barrel at the top of the stairs.

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You can see to your left is a steel gate and to your right a balcony that looks out back into the forest.

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Near the metal gate, climb Trico and jump on the small ledge and through the gap that takes to a whole row of blue stones to climb along. Work your way along them and then back through the gap.

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Here you'll find yourself on the other side of the metal gate and Trico snorting at you on the other side.

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Drop down, pull the lever and let Trico through. There's a barrel here to feed Trico, then point the mirror at the wooden blockage for Trico to blast it open.

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You're now inside something that looks like a bird cage with pulsing blue metal. Trico is scared and angry. There's a metal gate opposite across a bridge, but also a smaller cage below this one, and what look like a door to the right below the ledge you're on. Don't worry about the blue door or whatever is in the cage.

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Climb on top of Trico and comfort it with the circle button. Then drop down onto the floor below, where Trico will follow you. If you don't calm Trico down, it won't follow you.

Trico is now agitated and his eyes turn a nasty shade. You can sprint to the end of the bridge but he will follow and gobble you up.

How to escape the guards

After your visiions, when you wake Trico is flat out on the floor and the glowing has stopped on the cage. You also have no mirror. You'll see Trico's tail is hanging over the edge of the chamber, so climb down it to the balcony beneath.

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Between the two flaming torches you'll see a path under the bridge. Follow it. Looking up from the grill you'll see suits of armour with glowing eyes and a warning to steer clear of them.

Follow the tunnel to the left and left again, until you come out at a ladder, which you should climb. At the top you'll be next to a lever in the chamber with Trico, to the top left of the closed gate. Pull the lever, open the gate and drop down.

Run through the corridor with the suits of armour, and then back to Trico. The armoured guards will follow you. If they grab you tap all the buttons to escape their grasp. If not, run to Trico and call it to wake it up. It will wake and destroy the guards for you.

Now you need to calm Trico down again. Climb on him and press circle to pet it and its eyes will change back to normal.

If you walk all the way to the end of the corridor you'll see a chain above you. Call Trico, who will get its head stuck. Use its head as a booster to climb up a couple of ledges.

Then across the wooden framework to the chain.

Climb up the chain and up the well into the outside. Walk over to the gap where you can see the top of the blue cage and call Trico, who'll come bounding up to you.

Now climb on Trico's back and he'll bound over the wall into the next section.

Next Part 4: how to close the blue smoking pot

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