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The Elder Scrolls Legends Skyrim expansion dropping this month, mobile ports in July

The Elder Scrolls Legends had a little moment at E3 2017, because of course it did.

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The Elder Scrolls Legends, may we remind you, is a collectible card game in the style of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

It got a few moments of spotlight during Bethesda's E3 2017 showcase with a short trailer going over the progress it has made since full PC, web and iPad in 2015. The developer isn't done adding stuff, highlighting Dark Brotherhood story content and in-game tournaments in particular.

However, there were two important take home messages. The first is that The Elder Scrolls Legends is coming to Android phones and iPhones in July. Handy for those who like to play on the go but don't do tablets.

The bigger news, perhaps, is that there's a new expansion inbound - Heroes of Skyrim. It's got all the stuff you'd expect from an add-on pack set in the wintry north, which we all know so well thanks to hundreds of hours spent trudging around in it doing radiant quests. Of particular note are special new mechanics for shouts and the Companions; read more about them on the game's blog.

Look for The Elder Scrolls Legends: Heroes of Skyrim on June 29.

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