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There's a new Elder Scrolls game out right now, just not the one you want

You'll have to wait a while longer for the one you're thinking off.

It might not be The Elder Scrolls 6, but a new Elder Scrolls mobile game could maybe, ever so slightly scratch that itch while you wait.

We all know that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still a ways out, but as spotted by IGN, there's a new Elder Scrolls game on the block. While there seems to be fairly little ruckus about it, The Elder Scrolls: Castles is available to try out in early access right now on the Google Play store. It's a slightly surprising rollout considering there doesn't appear to be a single mention of it on any of the main Bethesda Twitter accounts, but hey, I'm not the marketing manager, what do I know about advertising video games?

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Of course, it's not a full Elder Scrolls title - you could probably guess that by looking at the promotional images. What it is, though, is essentially the same game as 2015's Fallout Shelter, a 2D management sim set in the world of Fallout where you're looking after a vault and all its inhabitants. Only this time, you're looking after a castle and all its inhabitants, and it's set in the world of Elder Scrolls. It's described as "a new mobile game that puts you in control of your very own castle and dynasty. Oversee your subjects as the years come and go, families grow, and new rulers take the throne."

It really doesn't sound all that different from Fallout Shelter. You have to manage your castle, which you can add rooms to and assign "subjects" to workstations. You'll also have to make decisions, like whether you should risk a limited supply of food to help out a neighbouring kingdom. Plus you can make your own heroes, and send them out on quests to "battle against classic Elder Scrolls foes to collect valuable items and keep your kingdom growing." Basically, it's the same game as Fallout Shelter, just with a new lick of paint.

If that's your thing, great! But it probably won't tide over the hardcore Elder Scrolls fan that's ardently waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6. Good thing development has finally started on it, then.

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