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The Division's Dark Zone is being geared towards creating more PvP encounters

Massive have plans for a few tweaks to PvP gameplay in The Division.

DZ rogue

According to Shack News, we can expect a lot more rogue agents popping up in The Division's Dark Zone in the near future.

During the weekly State of the Game Twitch stream, Massive explained that the PvP portion of the game hasn't become as engaging as they'd intended, so they'll be making changes to incentives to encourage the slaughter. One such example they cited is that the penalty for dying while rogue may be updated so that it won't be as bad.

On the topic of Rusher enemy types (the ones with lightning bolts over their heads), Massive have no plans to nerf them despite complaints from players that they're OP. They've advised that you utilise the skills and strategies at your disposal to deal with them more effectively.

Lastly, it's possible that the weekly three hour downtime for server maintenance may be reduced, starting at the usual time, but wrapping up earlier.

How do you feel about rogue agents? Could these changes tempt you into joining their ranks? Let us know in the comments.

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