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The Division Vendor reset: First Wave Vector 45 ACP and Firearms Gloves

Are you ready for new blueprints? Good, because vendors in The Division have updated their stock.

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The Division Vendor reset: First Wave Vector 45 ACP and Firearms Gloves

According to our man Alex, one of the better weapons in The Division, the First Wave Vector 45 ACP, has returned to the DZ03 safe room. If you've been wanting to try it out, now's your chance.

A pair of 204 gloves are also available through the DZ02 vendor and you can roll Savage on them. This increases your Critical hit chance by 13% against targets out of cover, so they sound rather handy.

The following blueprints can be found at the DZ02 Safe Room. Each has a 204 Gear Score and a DZ Rank of 50.

  • Firearms Kneepads Blueprint – costs 142,530 DZ Funds
  • Firearms Backpack Blueprint – costs 190,334 DZ Funds
  • Stamina Gloves Blueprint – costs 142,533 DZ Funds
  • Firearms Gloves Blueprint – costs 143,253 DZ Funds

If you head over to the DZ03 Safe Room, this is where you can pick up the aforementioned First Wave Vector 45 ACP Blueprint for 262,615 DZ Funds. There's also the Black Market SASG-12S Blueprint for 284,020 DZ Funds. Each have a 204 Gear Score and a Dark Zone Rank of 75.

The DZ04 vendor, as always, has two Gear Mod blueprints available. They cover Firearms and Stamina, are level 32 and Rank 50. They will run you 237,007 and 238,207 DZ Funds, respectively.

Finally, the DZ05 vendor has an Extended Magazine Blueprint and a Small RDS Scope on offer for 143,000 and 166,316 DZ funds, respectively. Each are level 32 and Rank 50.

Leaving the Dark Zone behind, over at the Base of Operations the Special Gear Vendor has two weapons available. These are the Police T821 for 825 Phoenix Credits and the Military M60 E4 for 830 Phoenix Credits. Each have a Gear Score of 204.

Per usual, here are other blueprints available but Arekkz only focuses on Gear Scores of 204 and up. He also goes over whether the blue prints are worth the trouble of getting to and whether you should spend your hard-earned credits for the items.

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