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The Division: SMG Critical Hit Chance is back in PTS 4

The final testing phase is upon us. It won't be too long before these changes roll out for the rest of us.

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The Division's public test server is getting its final update of this testing cyle with PTS 4 and Alex is on hand to talk us through the latest update.

Following PTS 3, Normalisation will now roll the max stats for your gear so that everyone is on a level playing field for Last Stand, with the only differences being how you spec your character.

Fortifications for your base in Last Stand are being tweaked with turret fortifications increased by 40% and health of the turret fortifications decreased by 25%. Prior to these changes players were able to tank against the turrets, so by making them more lethal, players will need to utilise a modicum of strategy.

Another major update is that the problems with joining Last Stand matches already in progress that were present in PTS 2 have been dealt with. So you can join on the fly, and players who have joined as a group won't be randomly split up at the end of a match.

And finally, Critical Hit Chance has been returned to SMGs, with a max roll of 22%. So get excited about that.

You can watch the video for the highlights or head to the update page to pore over the patch notes.

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