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The Division Predator's Mark Gear Set review - is it any good?

The Division 1.2 update includes four new gear sets, one of which is the Predator's Mark. Let's have a look at it.

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The Division Predator's Mark Gear Set review - is it any good?

According to the video review from Arekkz above, the Predator's Mark set provides the player with increased optimal range, a boost in damage for Assault Rifles and Pistols, and the unique Talent Predator's Mark.

With this Talent, when the player makes 10 consecutive shots without switching targets, it will make the target bleed for 100% of damage taken by those bullets. In PvP, bleed can be countered with consumables and med kits, but it is still useful just for the debilitating effect the bleed applies. In other words, your target will not be able to sprint like incendiary bullets do.

Plus, if you miss a shot, the bleed damage effect won't be reset - only if you hit another target. So, it's a free Talent and guaranteed crowd control.

There are six pieces available for the set, but players only need four in order to acquire the Talent and bonuses.

Two pieces provide a 20% bonus to the aforementioned optimal range. Arekkz found this bonus to be rather lackluster compared to other offerings. However, it still "has its uses" especially when paired with the four piece set bonus.

Three pieces provide the player with +800 assault rifle damage and +700 pistol damage. Arekkz feels this is a wasted bonus because at some point in the future, there plans for weapon balancing which means some of the other weapon archetypes will become more viable. So, for the time being, +800 may not make you want to switch to using an assault rifle just yet.

So, in the end, is the Predator's Mark Gear Set worth using in place of your Striker or Sentry sets? Probably not, says Arekkz.

It doesn't have as much DPS potential, which if that is what you're after, don't bother with this set.

If you are more of a Dark Zone player and calibrate the set properly, and pick up pieces with some decent armor stats, you could have a lot of fun with it.

The Division update 1.2 released earlier this week.

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