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The Division: Last Stand will not be a timed console exclusive, in case you were worried

The Division players on PlayStation 4 will be pleased to know the Last Stand content pack will not be a timed, console exclusive as some thought.


This was announced during the livestream today by The Division development teams.

When the three content expansions were announced, the first two - Underground and Survival - were 30-day, console exclusives for Xbox One.

Last Stand was confirmed to release on all platforms simultaneously, but apparently enough people were worried about console exclusivity so the devs cleared it up today during the stream.

Ubisoft Massive and Red Storm said the 1.6 update also won't be a timed exclusive on consoles either.

A PTS for 1.6 will be made available - no date yet and of course not for consoles this time. Even if you are a console player, the devs want you to get involved in the conversation.

Last Stand and 1.6 both have PvP and PvE elements, according to the developers.

We'll bring you more news out of the stream as it is announced.

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