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The Division: Hungry Hog High End LMG quick look

Let's take a look at another of the new named High End weapon from the latest update to The Division.

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The Division: Hungry Hog High End LMG quick look

The Division's 1.2 update added a couple of new weapons, and everyone's scurrying to figure out how to get them and whether they're worth the effort.

Today, Arekkz shows off the Hungry Hog, a light machine gun dropped by named enemies in the Dark Zone. Thankfully, this one drops from low end bosses, so you can farm for it.

The Hungry Hog is a another flashy druglord weapon, and as with other named High End weapons it boasts a unique weapon skin and fixed perks. You can check the video for all the details, but the 500 RPM and up to 200 shot magazine make it a formidable entry in this somewhat uncomfortable weapon class.

As for talents, the Hungry Hog lives up to its name with Predatory (kills provide health), but you'll need pretty high stamina to take advantage of it, making this a real tank's weapon. Stability and Meticulous (chance to auto reload on kill) round out the collection. It's fun and has its uses but doesn't quite live up to other weapons, especially as LMGs are not doing very well in the current balance.

Looking for something more snipey? Check out the Historian quick look if you fancy a new marksman rifle.

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