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The Division: Heartland details are out in the wild thanks to a now-deleted store page

Eagle-eyed Twitter users found the page before it was wiped out.

The next game in The Division series may have had its details released early, thanks to the Ubisoft store page for the game being set live prematurely. While the website has since been hastily taken down, a handful of eagle-eyed people on the internet managed to catch if before it vanished, and published the info online.

One such person, Unknown1Z1 on Twitter, recorded the page in full prior to its removal. In it, we can see several features we can expect to come to the game, as well as a basic description of what it’ll actually be.

We've yet to see Heartland, but Resurgence has got some gameplay out you can check out here!

The Division: Heartland will be a “free-to-play survival-action multiplayer shooter” according to the store listing. Set in middle America, the game will have a PvEvP mission type called Storm Operations, which has 45 players take part in a battle against “A group of dangerous rogue agents, an aggressive faction known as The Vultures, all while surviving a lethal virus”.

There’s also Excursion Operations, which have you venture out and collect gear and goodies in order to “prep the battlefield”. No clue as to what that means, but it certainly seems like your standard go-out-and-loot-some-stuff mode for when you want to strap on some fancy new equipment.

You may have forgotten about The Division: Heartland, as it’s been since May 2021 that we first learnt of its existence (as reported by RockPaperShotgun), and we’ve not heard a game-related-peep out of the developer nor the publisher since! With the store page stating the game is coming soon, perhaps there’s hope that we’ll soon see this survival title grace our PCs in the near future, however an official planned info dump about what the game will actually be like would go a long way for building up excitement again.

But what do you think? Is this the first time you’ve heard about The Division: Heartland? Do you even want more from this series? Let us know below!

If you’re fiending for some more Division goodness, check out our article on The Division Resurgence, the mobile game that recently got some footage released only last month!

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