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The Division down for maintenance to fix dailies bug

Maintenance doesn't happen on Tuesdays anymore. And it's not Thursday this week, either. Is anything about this game consistent?


The Division down for maintenance to fix dailies bug

Yes, The Division is down for maintenance this morning for approximately three hours.

That might be a bit of a surprise for you as weekly maintenance used to be on a Tuesday, before Massive announced last week that it would take place on Thursdays from now on.

Except today, because it's Wednesday. It's almost as if the team is making it up as they go along.

Anyway, today's bug fixing is focused on the daily mission problem, where daily missions haven't been updating daily.

"Updated the list of Daily Missions to avoid any potential missing days. Please note that the list has been updated on the server only and may not appear updated in the client files," reads the changelog.

*slow hand clap*

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