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The Division: Assassin's Creed outfit may be fake but we hope it's not

Good Photoshop or leaked future content?


There are some pretty cool screen grabs doing the round that appear to show Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell outfits for The Division.

We're keeping a healthy dose of salt close to hand, but it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Ubisoft cross-promote its biggest games in its latest biggest game.


Reddit poster Wooleyful claims these outfits just appeared in his inventory after the 1.1 update.

the _division_watch_dogs_outfit

Considering how glitchy The Division has been since Tuesday it wouldn't be such a surprisingly occurrence if some future outfits had accidentally leaked. Stranger things have happened, but the fact that no other screens have come from other sources keeps us skeptical.

We've asked Ubisoft for comment but they haven't gotten back to us just yet.

This outfit is definitely not real though. Although again, we wish it were:

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