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The Division 2 Daily and Weekly Projects disabled until further notice

The Division 2 dev has temporarily disabled Daily and Weekly Projects after a bug let players exploit them for multiple rewards.

Massive deployed an emergency server restart in The Division 2 earlier today without giving players the heads-up. The developer explained that it was "in order to fix an issue where daily and weekly projects could repeatedly award players with rewards," although things haven't quite gone to plan.

"We're currently unable to fix the issue with the server restart, therefore we're disabling the daily and weekly projects for the time being," reads a follow-up tweet, and while the servers are back online, Daily and Weekly Projects have been disabled until Massive hashes out a fix.

Further updates can be found on the Ubisoft forum, along with the patch notes which don't have a great deal to say at the moment.

Patch Notes:

  • Until we can apply the fix mentioned below, we're deactivating the daily and weekly projects for the time being. We will update this thread accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow daily and weekly projects to award their rewards multiple times.

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Since the game's first major update last week, that was intended to revamp skill mod requirements and weapon mods as well as introducing new content, players haven't been happy with the changes, complaining that both have been nerfed.

On top of that, there appears to be a bug affecting Signature Ammo, that's now dropping at a significantly lower rate. Massive has confirmed that it's currently investigating the issue.

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