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The Callisto Protocol receiving a “heart-pounding final chapter" to the story through DLC

Prepare for Final Transmission.

Striking Distance Studios has announced its sci-fi horror game, The Callisto Protocol, will be expanded with DLC.

Titled Final Transmission, the DLC will act as the final chapter to the game's story starring Jacob Lee.

In a 20-second teaser clip posted to Twitter, you see Jacob waking up in a startled fashion before going down a hall and into a room where he finds a massive robot. A voice comes over the speakers calling the large automated machine its "greatest creation" - at least, that's what we think it says. We can't really understand the last word uttered. Maybe you can help us out.

Anyway, Final Transmission will be released as a 48-hour timed exclusive on PlayStation starting June 27. It lands on PC and Xbox starting June 29.

Final Transmission will be the first DLC released for The Callisto Protocol, but the game has received prior updates. These include Contagion Mode, and saw the addition of New Game +, skins, and the Riot Bundle, which included an all-new mode.

Upon release, PC players of the game were plagued by stuttering issues, leading many on Steam to leave negative reviews. After the first patch was released, the atmosphere on Steam warmed up to a "mixed" rating instead "mostly negative." More recent reviews on the service have dubbed the game "mostly positive."

VG247 reviewed the game, and gave it three out of five stars. While not a terrible game, Dom felt it was full of 'wasted potential, and played as if it were a movie directed by Michael Bay trying to emulate John Carpenter.

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