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The Binding of Isaac is getting a Spelunky style daily challenge mode with score boards

Edmund McMillen has announced daily run and score board features for The Binding of Isaac.


Over on the Binding of Isaac site, McMillen's most recent update includes more information on the new fan suggested items Dead Eye and Continuum, as well as the news that daily runs with scoreboards will be making an appearance in the game.

Talking about how this feature will work. McMillen writes "...every day the game will generate a specific seed that will be generated the same for everyone (minus locked things) and you can now compete against the internet for best score in the run!"

"This feature was one of my favorites in spelunky and I always wanted to do it in isaac… but how do you score a game like isaac? More on that in a later post…"

It'll be interesting to see how the scoring system will be set up, but we'll have to wait for the next update for more details.

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