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Thatgamecompany "very lucky" to sign with Sony

Thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen has said the studio got "very lucky" by signing with Sony.

He made the comment in a GI International interview at GDC, as TGC launches the third and final game as part of a Sony exclusive deal, Journey, in Europe today.

"I think we were very lucky to be able to work with Sony," said Chen. "Right now digital distribution is the future but at that time no one was developing anything for it! When we signed the contract the PlayStation was due to launch in four months, so they were in dire need for content."

He continued: "When we pitched Flower I didn't really know what the game was," he admitted with a smile. "I just said 'hey, we want to make a game that is about feeling of being in love to others.' Sony's publisher side was actually crazy enough to sign that.

"I think it was also because at the time Phil Harrison was the president and he was really trying to push for innovation because Microsoft had the lead."

Harrison was then boss of Sony's Worldwide Studios group when PlayStation 3 and Flow launched. It was confirmed yesterday he had taken a new role as head of Microsoft Game Studios Europe.

Journey launches today in Europe for PSN. Go buy it.

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