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TGS: New FF Versus XIII trailer detailed

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Joystiq's posted some lengthy impressions of a new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer being shown at TGS. Snip:

We see the prince character wearing a casual, all black suit. This is rendered with the in-game engine, and the graphics look as smooth and appealing as the main FFXIII title. He climbs marble stairs up to a loft-like art gallery. There he meets the blonde woman revealed previously wearing a black dress and a small white top. This time she's seen in a white cocktail dress. The two are talking but through Japanese subtitles as there doesn't appear to be any voice work done yet – or, Square Enix purposely took it out for some reason.

The two characters continue to talk in the art gallery. There's an Amano-styled painting hanging on the floor behind the female character. They appear to be having a friendly chat. It's easy to assume that these two could be lovers; there's no doubt they're quite close to one another.

More through there.

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