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Tears of the Kingdom players have started crucifying Koroks

Koroks just can't quite catch a break this time around.

In the latest example of people being mean to Koroks, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has started to crucify the poor woodland critters.

Look, I know not everyone is a fan of the Koroks in Breath of the Wild - they're tricksy little blighters that literally hand you a piece of doodoo when you manage to catch one. And there's like 900 of them! I get it. But you all keep bullying them in increasingly violent ways, and don't bring up the fact that I keep laughing at them. And now look at what you've done. You're crucifying them!

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Yes, you read that right, the current trendy thing to do in Hyrule is to crucify Koroks. "How did this get started?" you might ask me, and honestly, I have no idea. Religion obviously exists in the world of Hyrule, but I'm pretty confident that I haven't found any books that mention a certain man that got nailed to the cross. Even still, it seems that players can't stop crucifying Koroks, the obvious follow up to attaching them to minecarts and firing them off into the sky with rockets.

In fact some players, like IsaacPR95, are combining rockets with crucifixion to send one Korok off to the heavens (it's also a genuinely cool trick shot that legitimately nets them a Korok seed).

Crucified Korog meets his friend again
by u/IsaacPR95 in tearsofthekingdom

Some, like YouTuber and streamer SuperButterBuns are wondering if the developers saw the crucifixion fixation coming.

This one is just an incredibly well timed shot, if a little alarming.

[TOTK] My Hestu, My Hestu, why hast thou forsaken me?
by u/Syquinn in zelda

Others are carting around Koroks while they're crucified, as if the whole situation isn't degrading enough as it is.

Perfect blood moon sacrifice
by u/thereisnoconspiracy in tearsofthekingdom

Some have even taken to making fanart to commemorate the poor Koroks.

Not every Tears of the Kingdom player is a bully though - some are putting their skills to good use by making some pretty fun creations. And then others are just making Link do some absolutely obscene things that definitely aren't funny (but definitely are NSFW).

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