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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players can't stop bullying Koroks

Make it stop!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has some new types of Koroks that you can pick up, so obviously everyone's first instinct has been to bully them.

Small spoiler warning on this one! Nothing to do with the story, but there are some clips from the opening of the game, so be careful.

I didn't manage to get every single Korok in Breath of the Wild, and I doubt I will in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom either. That doesn't matter much to me, as I just love discovering one of those funny little tree guys around Hyrule in the unlikeliest of places. While some of the ways you find Koroks are the same in Tears of the Kingdom as they are in the first game, there are some new ones too. The best new type of Korok is easily the one that has a backpack so big that he's too tired to keep going. I love them, they're so cute! So could you all stop bullying them please?

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I'm serious - people are tormenting these poor, innocent little guys simply because you can. One of the new abilities in the game, Ultrahand, lets you pick up pretty much anything in the game. While you can't pick up a Korok directly, you can pick them up by their backpacks. So of course that's led to people finding a plethora of ways to make them suffer.

For starters, one user on Reddit attached a Korok to a minecart, using the woodland creature as impact cushioning. They aren't test dummies, they're there to be helped!

[TotK] I've only just started the game and I'm already become a menace
by u/connordragon10 in zelda

Another Reddit user literally turned another backpack wearing Korok into a car, sending them on their way into the unknown. At least let them pass their driving test first.

[TOTK] I absolutely love this game
by u/O-Mestre in zelda

Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer Andy Cortez attempted to come up with a number of contraptions to get a Korok flying, most of which did not work in the slightest.

Another streamer, Hopcat, did something similar by turning a Korok into a literal rocket, and OK, yeah, this one got me.

Perhaps the cruellest of all the things you could do to a Korok came from pory_leeks on Twitter, who turned five Koroks into a Korok Rotisserie machine. Pretty clucked if you ask me.

So after you've seen all this, I ask of you one thing: please stop bullying Koroks, unless it's really funny, because then I want to see it.

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