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Tears of the Kingdom players are already building some wacky and wonderful creations

The world's your oyster in Tears of the Kingdom.

With Link's new abilities, players are putting the Hylian to work in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom by making some ridiculous and wonderful creations.

Gameplay spoilers ahead for this one.

It became clear quite quickly upon seeing Link's new powers that players would quickly put them to good, or even bad, use. Ultrahand lets him combine almost anything to make almost anything, and Fuse allows him to combine weapons and shields with everything you can think of too. So of course, players have put Link to work, and they've made some pretty wonderful (and not so wonderful) creations and contraptions.

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To start things off with something nice, Reddit user One_Atmosphere_8557 built a simple tractor so that they can live an honest and simple farm life (just ignore that they're also mowing down moblins).

It's not much, but it's honest work
by u/One_Atmosphere_8557 in tearsofthekingdom

Link took on the role of Geppetto in this clip (it might have a fan in a funny place, but at least it's not as obscene as these creations).

1 day in and this game has already peaked
by u/JJ_07 in tearsofthekingdom

Soulbanana went ahead and made a whole ass mech, and they're not alone in that either.

This is getting ridiculous by@soulbanana
by u/CheahNz in tearsofthekingdom

Bokoblin Death Cage? Bokoblin Death Cage.

I now present: The Bokoblin Death Cage
by u/nintenglo in tearsofthekingdom

If you ever wanted to be like Steamboat Willie, you can do that almost pretty perfectly, as demonstrated by Liz_Caingcoy on Twitter with her very impressive paddle boat.

People just seem to love bullying everything in Tears of the Kingdom, including the Koroks too.

[TOTK] I call it The Bully
by u/dreamonto in zelda

Yes Ganondorf, this is a totally trustworthy wooden horse, no don't look up the history of using wooden horses to stage a surprise attack, it's fine!

[TotK] Ganondorf won't know what hit him
by u/DasMatt in zelda

This one's just rockets strapped to a horse, to be honest.

[TOTK] I've hit some serious horsepower.
by u/dreamonto in zelda

Not everyone is a mastermind at building, though.

[TOTK] making me realize I am no engineer
by u/Lazy2320 in zelda

Seriously, it's not for everyone.

Of course, getting started with even being able to create such structures can be a bit overwhelming, so luckily we've got a tips for beginners guide that should help you get started with your latest adventure in Hyrule.

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