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Team Sonic interested in “doing something completely new” with Sonic 3D for next-gen

Team Sonic boss Takashi Iizuka has said in a Eurogamer interview the studio is keen in making "something completely new" with the 3D perspective of Sonic the Hedgehog for next-gen.

"Sonic over its past 20 years has evolved a lot," said Iizuka. "In that, there are two distinct, different play styles. There's the 2D side-scrolling platform action Sonic, and the forward view 3D action platform action Sonic. With the Sonic 4 series we've created that side-scrolling 2D platform action.

"But I'm also interested in the challenge of doing something completely new with the 3D Sonic's forward view platform action, and bring something new to the table with that as well."

Sonic Generations featured a mix of 2D and 3D play when it released at the end of last year, but the last full 3D Sonic title was Sonic Unleashed.

Team Sonic is going down the 2D route again with Sonic 4; Episode II, due this year.

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