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Team Meat: No moderation on Super Meat Boy level editing

In an interview with gamrFeed, Team Meat duo Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes have confirmed they won't moderate fan-produced Super Meat Boy produce when they release its level editor. Expect carnage.

“We’re going to have to not have any moderation,” McMillen told the site. “We’re going to have to work on other things.”

No date has yet been placed on the level editor's release, but in a recent blog post, Team Meat said: "The level editor is currently being rigged to Steam, and will soon be release as a public beta.

"The level editor update will also include a large update to Super Meat World, called 'The Unknown,' a chapter that randomly pulls high rated levels from the portal together to create and endless world of awesome."

Don't expect a 360 version of this. Elsewhere in the interview, the developers discussed the long slog to getting the game released and marketed on Microsoft's XBLA platform: they've already openly criticized Microsoft for applying undue pressure during the platformer's gestation period.

"It was worth the hassle, I’m pretty sure," Refenes said, before McMillen added. "The more time that passes, the more we are OK and understand it as a learning experience.

"We know what not to do to make sure that stuff doesn’t happen to us next time. One of things being not working with Microsoft.”

And the pair were philosophical about their next project.

“I think it’s exciting,” said McMillen.

“I don’t feel any pressure for it to do better than Meat Boy,” Refenes added. “I just want to make something new. That’s the whole thing. It’s not about doing better. It’s not even about making money. It’s about making stuff and being happy.”

The full, 40-minute Skype interview can be found here

Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition was recently released for PC.

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