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Team Dakota shows VG247 how to make a game in Project Spark

Project Spark software engineer Eddie Parker takes VG247's Sam Clay through the particulars of Team Dakota's impressive game-making software for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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As you can see from the clip above, it's quite easy create a unique and powerful game in Project Spark. I also saw it at gamescom last month and I have to admit that I was thoroughly impressed with how deep its tools can go if you want to drill down into the fine options.

At base level, anyone can dive in and make something playable in a matter of minutes, but you can tweak many components such as AI behaviour, camera work and much more to give your project a personalised spin.

Perhaps the most impressive facet of the package is the ability to record NPC dialogue, facial expressions and movement using Kinect. We've both seen it running live and it works. The ability to put game creation into the hands of the public is cause for celebration, and we'll have more on Project Spark's potential as development rolls on.

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