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Take-Two and Rockstar casting for "Rush"; all signs point to GTA V

Internet super-sleuth Superannuation has been digging around in Rockstar and Take-Two's business, and turned up an unannounced project - Rush - which just might be Grand Theft Auto V.

Superannuation's search unveiled a motion capture casting call from Rockstar's regular casting go-to, Telsey & Company, for an "interactive project" called "Rush".

The casting called for "outlandish characters, weed, gangsters, and celebrities", in line with GTA V's expected modern-day LA gangster setting.

Other twitterers quickly uncovered an actor's resume listing, as an "inner city female street", and later, a casting list of character names for the project.

Two characters listed in the Telsey and Company call were not detailed in the second call, both sharing the surname de Silva, which Super speculates may mean these two are primary characters requiring specialised casting.

A third de Silva, Kevin, appears in the second list.

As Super points out, The title "Rush" is trademarked to warner Bros., suggesting it's a codename, and bears little resemblance to Rockstar's other known project, Agent.

Last week, Super unearthed a stuntman's suspected involvement in GTA V.

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