Star Wars: Tor

The Old Republic gets new screens

LucasArts put out new shots of Star Wars: The Old Republic this week, showing a Mon Calamari for the first time. The BioWare MMO isn’t due out for ages yet, but we’re still praying for a beta to come sooner rather than later. All six screenshots below. By Mike Bowden

11 years ago

Star Wars: Tor headlines

  • Star Wars MMO companion characters to be "virtual friends," says BioWare

    Star Wars: The Old Republic creative designer, James Ohlen, has told Shacknews, that companion characters in the game will be more like “virtual friends” rather than just “pets”. “Companion characters–we want them to be more than pets,” he said. “We want them to be virtual friends. We want you to interact with them and become […]

    11 years ago
  • Mythic boss welcomes TOR, respect runs deep for Bioware

    In an interview with Ten Ton Hammer, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs said that he welcomes Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO and has a profound respect for the BioWare team. “I obviously know what the title is – and have known for quite awhile,” he said (interview was conducted before Star Wars: TOR announcement. “You’ve […]

    11 years ago