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SWTOR's not trying to be a WoW killer, says BioWare


BioWare's Daniel Erickson has said that the team behind Star Wars; the Old Republic doesn't think about the game MMO becoming a World of Warcraft killer.

On the contrary, he thinks that thought process is a bit counterproductive.

Speaking VG247's Nathan Grayson at E3 this week, the game's writing director said that all the team is trying to do, is create a giant role-playing that you and your friends can play for a very long time.

"I’m sure that we have never, ever said that," said Erickson when asked if the team's setting its sights on WoW. "I know with our team, there’s never been an approach like that. You can’t build games like that.

"I’m sure that somebody’s tried to, and tried to think about it, but all we’ve ever tried to do is say - 'Hey, when we first got into MMOs, we thought they were going to be a certain thing. We thought they were going to be a giant role-playing game that we could play with our friends – that went on forever'.

"And that means a lot of things to a lot of different people. To us, it meant you would have all the loot and all the cool stuff, and you would go up levels, and have an awesome story – because that’s why we play role-playing games in the first place. And so we’re trying to do that.

"If everybody who’s ever seen a PC would like to come and play our game, we would be very down with that. But you can’t actually try to design a game or develop a product based on a plausible share. Like, I assume nobody since WoW has said, 'I don’t want WoW numbers. We aren’t interested'".

You can get the full interview through the link up top.

SWTOR is slated for sometime after March 13, 2011.

Here's hoping for April 1.

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