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Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Emperor update 3.2 out today

Star Wars: The Old Republic comes under the sway of a great darkness today.


SWTOR update 3.2, Rise of the Emperor, launches on Tuesday, US time - so later today, depending on when you read this.

The update is set after the former Sith Emperor escapes from Yavin 4 and attacks Ziost, an Imperial world.

You need to be able to reach level 60 to take advantage of some of the new content, which means you'll also need to have purchased Shadow of Revan, the last expansion.

Those who fit the bill will be able to check out all of the following:

  • Confront the Sith Emperor
    Obsessed with achieving immortality, the Sith Emperor has targeted his own former subjects on the planet Ziost, with every death seemingly extending his dark power. Speaking through those he’s possessed, he controls powerful pawns like Master Surro, the leader of a team of elite militarized Jedi known as the Sixth Line.
  • Join forces with Lana and Theron
    As the Sith Emperor gradually dominates the free will of everyone on Ziost, both Lana Beniko, Minister of the newly formed Sith Intelligence, and Theron Shan, a spy for the Galactic Republic, are trying to stop the chaos. Your leadership in guiding them through the conflict on Ziost is critical to uncovering the former Sith Emperor’s terrifying plan.
  • Discover the Imperial world of Ziost
    Known as the “Gateway to the Empire,” the planet Ziost is in a state of chaos as innocent civilians are targeted by possessed pawns of the Sith Emperor. From the menacing “People’s Tower” in the city’s center to massive armored walkers patrolling for fresh targets, the Sith Emperor’s presence is overwhelming, his power growing with every death… Only you have the strength to stand against him.

Read more about the latest update on the MMO's website. Check out a few screenshots below.






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