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SWTOR space combat akin to "tunnel shooters"


BioWare has told PC Gamer the space battles in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be more of a "tunnel shooter" instead of free-form flying like in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

Apparently, space combat in the game was "designed to create highly cinematic battle sequences for players to experience".

How it works, is players will venture into combat hotspots which are unlocked through player progression in game.

Initially, these instances will be solo-only, but BioWare hopes to eventually turn the spots into PvP and team combat areas.

As far as ship movement is concerned, players will only be able to move ships up, down, right and left. No venturing off into space is permitted, as the course is scenario locked on a predestined path, only allowing you to dodge obstacles in the way.

According to Massively, achievements, collisions, customizable ship cosmetics, rotating quest objectives, and various difficulty levels will be included in the flight portion of the game, along with incentives to repeat the missions.

Space combat for SWTOR was confirmed back in July.

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