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Super Meat World update hits Steam, enters into The Unknown

If you log into Steam today and load up Super Meat Boy, you may notice an new feature in the game menu called Enter the Unknown.

The Unknown is a new feature in Super Meat World which creates a 20 level chapter using "randomly chosen high rated levels" from the SMW level portal.

Players will also be able to use the Ability to sort by difficulty and fun in the level portal, as well as a new recommended chapter tab.

There were also some big fixes:

  • Difficulty now displays correctly in SMW, if a level has no difficulty rating it means its never been beaten.
  • Fun factor ratings have been fixed.
  • Lag between levels has been fixed.
  • Bug that would place lights on upload in the editor has been fixed.
  • Minor editor fixes

Team Meat also posted word that the Mac portal is still currently in development along with the next XBLA update.

The guys will also start work on game two in a few weeks. What it is just yet is unknown.

Check out the full blog post for more updates.

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