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Super Meat Boy touch won't be a straight port

Team Meat has corrected a report that its is prepping a port of Super Meat Boy for touch devices, assuring fans it's toying with the idea of a whole new game.

"A lot of buzz today about us prototyping [Super Meat Boy] for touch devices," Team Meat observed on Twitter.

"A few fun facts: This prototype will not play like SMB! It will be a re-envisioning of SMB remade from scratch for touch. We aren't half assing this if it turns out to be fun."

If it doesn't work out, Team Meat won't pursue it.

"If you liked SMB I'm sure you will enjoy this (if it's good enough to continue on). We just had a few cool ideas and wanted a challenge. If it turns out it sucks, we will act like it never happened and move on to the next idea."

The developer said the touch title won't be a "simple game" like Doodle Jump, but a "larger more traditional game", and most importantly, will not control like the original evrsion of Super Meat Boy.

"We promise you we wont make a game with shitty touch controls," the team promised.

Tough as nails indie platformer Super Meat Boy is available on Linux, Mac, PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

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