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Super Meat Boy Level Editor released on Steam

Team Meat has sent word that the Level Editor for Super Meat Boy has arrived on Steam.

There are loads of things you can do with it, such as create anything seen in the game, minus bosses and warp zones; upload levels to Super Meat Boy World which can be played an critiqued by the community; create full chapters with custom titles and music as well as par times; choose from a cast of 20 characters whether you have already unlocked them in the game or not; and more. Chapters and levels will be hand picked by Team Meat to be featured as recommend chapters.

"We always wanted to release a basic level editor, but the idea started to balloon when we decided to buy servers and program a fully automated level portal (Super Meat World) to support these levels as a bonus chapter for the PC version," said Team Meat's Edmund McMillien. "We will be doing one more update to SMW next week adding a few missing features and fixing up a couple editor bugs.

"After that we will be closing the book on the PC version, porting SMB to Mac and swiftly moving on to game #2 (because we cant seem to stay happy without working on something constantly). Its been surreal everyone! thanks for all of the solid support and love, its time to hand the reigns to the SMB community and retire.

"There won't ever be a Super Meat Boy 2."

The Level editor can be launched on Steam by going into tools and selecting the SMB level editor which is around the 1MB mark. Super Meat World is unlocked by completing two full chapters or collecting 20 bandages in the main game and appears to the left of Ch1 on the overworld map.

The level editor is being released free as a "final gift from Team Meat to the fans," who have supported the game and the development team.

Get more information on the level editor through the official Super Meat Boy Blog.

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