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Sunset Overdrive DLC Mystery of Mooil Rig is available now

Sunset Overdrive's first content drop is available now in the form of Mystery of Mooil Rig.

sunset overdrive mooil rig 1

Mystery of Mooil Rig is set on an oil rig outside of the main story area. The rig, as you could imagine, is surrounded by water. Insomniac has added a new water traversal system that will also carry over to the main game for free.

The DLC promises several hours of gameplay, new story missions, quests and side missions. A new boss and a Night Defence base are included. It also comes with two new weapons, two new Amps, one new trap, and two vanity items.

Mystery of Mooil Rig is free for season pass holders and $10 for everybody else.

Watch the trailer and a few screens below:

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