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Suda: "No plan" for No More Heroes 3, Travis may return


Doesn't look as though a third No More Heroes will happen. Don't despair, though, 51 fans.

"Unfortunately, the story for Travis alone is completed in No More Heroes 2," Grasshopper boss Suda51 told Cubed3.

"I am very curious about his life after this; however, we have no plan for No More Heroes 3."

Whatever Travis gets up to next, Grasshopper followers can look forward to plenty more from the studio, including the possibility of some more killer7.

"killer7 is a very very important game for me," Suda added.

"The creative challenge of both the team at Grasshopper and me is packed into the game. killer7 is the part of my soul.

"A remake? No, but if I get the opportunity, I am certainly interested in making a new killer7."

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle releases for Wii this Friday.

Via GoNintendo and Destructoid.

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